Servicing & Repairs

Free gear and brake cables with every ‘Standard’ or ‘Full’ service!

Julian House Bike Workshop offers a full range of bicycle repair and maintenance services to keep you and your bike on the road. The workshops also stock a wide range of replacement parts. All the money that Julian House Bike Workshop makes by working on customer’s bikes goes towards funding the Bike Workshop mission.


We charge a flat rate charge for all of the jobs that people ask for regularly. For anything out of the ordinary, we charge a transparent hourly labour rate of £32.

Find a full price list and a description of  for our workshops by following these links;

Get your bike serviced

To book your bike into the workshop, you’ll need to make an appointment for a free initial inspection. This inspection is to make sure that the workshop mechanics can help you avoid surprises and give you the closets possible estimate for the cost of working on your bike.

To make an appointment at your local Julian House Bike Workshop, please get in touch by email or phone using the details on our contact page.

Following the inspection, your mechanic will be able to advise whether your bike is likely to need any additional work. Once you’ve agreed the work to be carried out you’ll receive an estimate for the cost of the work and confirmation of when your bike will be finished and available for collection.

Payment is due on collection and can be made using either debit/credit card or cash.