Much like a charity shop takes donations of clothes, Julian House Bike Workshop accepts donation of bicycles. All the bikes that get donated contribute to the Julian House Bike Workshop mission and help to achieve positive change for vulnerable people in the local area.

Donated bikes are either:

  • Refurbished and given a good home as part of the Build-a-Bike programme
  • Sold to raise money for Julian House Bike Workshop’s charitable mission
  • Stripped down for useful parts


  1. Julian House Bike Workshop is not a scrapyard! If a bike can be restored, then the Bike Workshop team will gratefully accept it. However, if your bicycle is only good for scrap, then you may be asked to take it away with you.
  2. It is policy not to buy second hand bikes or parts. This is to avoid the risk of coming into possession of stolen property.
  3. Donated bike that are in a poor enough condition that they cannot be economically reconditioned may be bundled together and sold on to other organisations.

Julian House Bike Workshop takes donations of individual bikes and bicycles in bulk. All styles and sizes are welcome; mountain bikes, BMXs, ladies bikes, kids bikes and vintage racers are all in demand.

Donate a single bike

For small donations, you should drop into your local Julian House Bike Workshop where a mechanic will be happy to see you. Donations can be made during normal workshop opening hours; details of which can be found in the contact pages.

Bulk bicycle donations

For larger quantities of donated bikes (10+), it is generally possible to arrange for collection. This is typically best suited for universities, colleges, local authorities or similar organisations who periodically build up large quantities of abandoned bicycles. To arrange a collection, please get in touch with your local workshop.